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In September 2023, VACorps collaborated with Surplus People Project (SPP) and Tshintsha Amakhaya  (TA) to host volunteers, providing them support during their stay in Cape Town. This collaboration aims to connect these volunteers, often change-makers, with local organizations, offering them a platform to contribute their skills and abilities. Volunteers seek cross-cultural competence and
valuable work experience without expecting financial compensation.

1. Forge a collaborative framework between Tshintsha Amakhaya (TA) (including SPP) and VACorps to facilitate professional internships, engaging aspiring change-makers in rural development, land reform, and social justice initiatives.

2. Establish a dynamic platform for interns to actively contribute their skills to community-centric projects aligned with TA’s mission of empowering rural communities.

3. Develop a structured program immersing interns in diverse challenges, fostering their understanding of agrarian issues, rural livelihoods, and socio-economic disparities to enhance their experiential learning. We deeply appreciate the interns’ dedication and commitment during their tenure. Losing such a valuable skill set is regrettable. We hope for the continuity of TA and VACorps’ partnership to further
empower young individuals.