OP-ED: Private sector voices predominant at presidential land advisory panel

“The dominant narrative in the Presidential Expert Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture is largely concerned with preserving the current racially skewed agrarian structure, which is characterised by the dominance of agribusiness, financial institutions such as banks, retailers and multinational companies,” writes Sithandiwe Yeni.


Analysis: A new wave of farm evictions

“Debates about land redress have incited new rounds of evictions, affecting thousands of farm workers who live in a state of fear and uncertainty,” writes Sobantu Mzwakali. Read here in the New Frame


OP-ED: Land reform is too slow – farm dwellers need to resist

“…farm dwellers should resist evictions until they are recognised as both de jure and de facto property rights owners at legislative and statutory levels translated into tangible meaning,” writes Sobantu Mzwakali. Read here in the Daily Maverick.


OPINION: Parliament did not fulfil its role for rural communities

“The process followed in conducting recent public hearings held in Limpopo by Parliament to elicit public comment on the law-making processes to gather the views of ordinary South Africans was problematic and inadequate,” writes Molatelo Mohale of Nkunzi, a partner to tshintsha Amakhaya. Read here in the Daily Maverick.


OPINION: Zim land reform can actually teach SA a thing or two

“Unlike in SA, where redistribution of farms has been a mere replacement of white with black farmers while keeping the size of the farm intact,in Zim large farms were subdivided into different sizes,” writes Sithandiwe Yeni in Mail & Guardian. Read the article here.


Open Letter: President Ramaphosa, sign a moratorium to stop farm evictions

“Mr. President, more than 20,000 people threatened by farm evictions in the Western Cape are calling on you to keep a promise you made in Paarl in 2014: that there will be a moratorium, an immediate ban on legal and illegal farm evictions,” write Tshintsha Amakhaya in Daily Maverick. Read the letter here.


OP-ED: We cannot wait indefinitely – interim options for land reform

“A constitutional amendment would not necessarily change deeply embedded practices. There is a systematic non-implementation of the law that benefits a particular pact but certainly not rural citizens,” writes Sobantu Mzwakali in the Daily Maverick. Read here


OP-ED: Scepticism as public hearings on land expropriation commence

“Considering a precedent set by previous experiences with the hearings failing to pass the constitutional muster due to inadequate consultations such scepticism is well-placed. To restore public trust and facilitate smooth, constitutional action, the committee must comply with all set requirements for adequate and meaningful public consultation,” write Sobantu Mzwakali and Sithandiwe Yeni in the Daily Maverick. Read here


In-depth: Land, Factions and Capital in South Africa

“In the past 22 years of trial and error, the ANC-led government has been its own impediment on land redistribution through a combination of bureaucratic lethargy, corruption and dogmatic adherence to artificial constructs of the ‘market’,” writes Sobantu Mzwakali, the Advocacy and Campaigns Officer at Tshinstha Amakhaya. Read here


Op-ED: ‘Is government oing to consult us on expropriation?’ – farm dwellers

“Farm dwellers and former labour tenants ask which land President Ramaphosa is talking about, who will it be given to, and for what,” writes Sithandiwe Yeni, a National Coordinator at Tshintsha Amakhaya. Read here in the Daily Maverick.


Op-ED: Budget 2018 shows misguided land reform

“In light of the fiscal discipline required by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, and the patently disappointing figures presented in the budget speech, it would be imprudent of us to hold out any hopes for sweeping land transformation,” writes Sobantu Mzwakali – Campaigns and Advocacy Officer at Tshintsha Amakhaya. Read here in the Daily Maverick.


#BlackMonday: We Must Centre Farmworkers In The ‘Farm Killings’ Debate

“Though writers have opined on the apartheid nostalgia exhibited by #BlackMonday protesters, there has been silence in terms of placing land and non-white bodies residing or working on farms at the heart of this violence. Shouldn’t every Monday be a Black Monday in South Africa?” writes Sobantu Mzwakali, the Campaigns and Advocacy Officer at Tshintsha Amakhaya. Read here in the DailyVox.


Op-ED: Will replacing white farm owners with black farm owners address inequalities?

“Debates about land redistribution from white farm owners to black hands tend to be silent on the question of farm dwellers. This is despite the fact that over two million black people are estimated to be living on commercial farms. Many residents have lived on commercial farms for generations, and they are arguing that their plight should be at the centre of land debates, and that redistribution of commercial farmlands must deliver primarily to them,” writing in the Daily Maverick is Sithandiwe Yeni, the Nationational Coordinator at Tshintsha Amakhaya. Read here


Keiskammahoek demand answers

TA affiliates in East London made the news demanding answers from Amathole District Municipality what happened with the multi-million Betterment Restitution funds intended for their development. Read here


Land sovereignty now

Read this Opinion piece in the Daily Maverick by Stha Yeni, our national coordinator. Unpacking the Government’s rhetoric on ‘radical economic transformation’, she challenges the status quo of land reform and urges that rural women, farm workers, and farm dwellers are the ones who must benefit from land reform.