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Tshintsha Amakhaya National Coordinator

Aphiwe Ntlemeza

Tshintsha Amakhaya Communications and Advocacy Officer

Garreth Nkomo

Garreth Nkomo is a dedicated and motivated individual driven to empower youth and effect positive change. Inspired by icons like Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey, he firmly believes in the importance of youth empowerment for a better world. With a background in Stock Taking at HEMAN Hardware, he has honed his exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills.

In his role as a Design and Special Projects Officer at KicksZw, he has demonstrated creativity and meticulous attention to detail, particularly in shoe customization and sales coordination. Garreth’s educational background in Geology from the Zimbabwe School of Mines has provided him with a solid foundation in critical thinking and scientific principles. His skill set, which includes effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, coupled with his adaptability and creativity, positions him as a dynamic asset for any project. Proficient in both English and Ndebele/Zulu, he has the ability to engage with diverse communities.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Garreth’s interests span art, photography, fashion, painting, and nature walks, showcasing his creative inclinations. His role as a Youth Programme Coordinator at the Philadelphia Adventist Church underscores his commitment to organizing youth activities and projects. His involvement with the Scout Association of Zimbabwe exemplifies his community engagement and fundraising skills.

Garreth’s unwavering dedication to youth empowerment, coupled with his versatile skill set, makes him a valuable contributor to any initiative, particularly in the realms of communication, branding, and media. He has joined Tshintsha Amakhaya as our exchange intern through ‘Global Citizen SA’ and VarCorps, a professional internship program located in Cape Town.