KE NAKO! Viva Macua, Viva!!!

As we shift our focus to communities impacted by mining, a profound sense of sorrow arises—our fellow comrades continue to bear the adverse consequences of mining activities. Their land is being excavated and left barren, exacerbating their plight. We urgently call upon the Government_ZA and the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to promptly address our concerns and take decisive actions to resolve these issues in the upcoming #MACSummit2024 scheduled for February 7, 2024.

With #Election2024 approaching, MACUA is determined to provide you with a platform to voice your concerns. This year, we are making history, and we invite you to be part of it. At the Summit, numerous activists will engage in robust and revolutionary discussions to #ScraptheMPRDA, currently designed to oppress mining-affected communities exposed to incalculable costs of harmful mining activities.

Tshintsha Amakhaya, dedicated to the pursuit of equitable land and agrarian transformation, supporting marginalized communities in their quest for land access, food sovereignty, gender equality, and climate justice, has confirmed its solidarity and will be part of the #MACSummit2024.

#MACUA #MACSummit2024