TA & HSRC Training – Agrarian Rural Household Economy Study

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with the Human Science Research Council (HSRC) in conducting a comprehensive study on the Agrarian Rural Household Economy. This research spans all nine provinces of South Africa and aligns with our mission to advocate for the development of rural and urban poor communities, land reform, food sovereignty, and social justice. This week, Tshintsha Amakhaya (TA) and HSRC are conducting training for field workers to empower them with the necessary skills and knowledge for supporting rural development, land reform, and social justice. Our commitment is to engage and involve communities, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping a more equitable future.


Study Objectives:

  • Assessing progressive changes over the last decade in access to land for production and secure tenure for farm dwellers.
  • Evaluating the extent of progress in promoting the active participation of women and youth in the agrarian economy.
  • Exploring the potential of agriculture as a means to enhance food sovereignty and create employment opportunities.
  • Analysing strategies to influence pro-poor policy development, addressing the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations.
    Examining the role of social movements in shaping bottom-up policy approaches.


Community Participation:

We kindly request permission for the HSRC research team to conduct interviews and gather data in your community. Your participation is invaluable in helping us understand the dynamic changes within rural South Africa over the past decade. The study will include rural households, small household farmers, farm dwellers, and farm workers from commercial farms as participants.


Study Timeline:
The fieldwork, initiated in August 2023, will run until November 2023. Anticipating the study’s findings, we plan to share them with participants and key stakeholders, including relevant government departments. Your support and involvement in this initiative are greatly appreciated. Together, we can drive change and build a more equitable and prosperous future for all.