Public submissions on Land Expropriation.

TKLB 1.jpg
Public hearings on Traditional and KhoiSan Leadership Bill (TKLB) in Nothern Cape, 2016. (Photo by Sobantu Mzwakali)

In light of the National Assembly’s resolution on 27 February 2018, the Joint Constitutional Review Committee has been mandated to gather the views of South African on the review Section 25 of the Constitution and other clauses necessary to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation. Continue reading “A CALL FOR PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS!”

Previous political school reflected on crises facing land reform.

On the 28th November to 1st December, Tshintsha Amakhaya partners and constituencies had a political school held at Khwa Ttu – San culture and education centre –  reflecting on crises facing land reform and its apparent failure to bring about a desirable redress and to interrogate civil society and rural voice in addressing this apparent failure. Continue reading “Previous political school reflected on crises facing land reform.”

2nd National Indaba: focus on land, gender and campaigns

Under the theme ‘radical economic transformation through the lens of rural land struggles’ Tshinthsa Amakhaya held its 2nd Indaba of Phase 3 from the 10th to 13th July to unpack current phase’s objectives and to map in detail Phase 3’s meaning and its relation to everyday practice and strategies of the collective. Continue reading “2nd National Indaba: focus on land, gender and campaigns”

Photo Robertson strike wins


At the Indaba held 7-8 Mar 2017 in Johannesburg, Shirley Davids of the Mawubuye Land Rights Forum was announced as the winner of TA’s photo competition. The jury said that the photo of striking workers of Robertson Winery captured the theme Mobilizing for the struggle against inequality and poverty well. Congratulations Shirley, we hope you will enjoy your prize!

Winning Story 2016: Hear our plea for land

Closer to the Drakensberg Mountain, and the UThukela River, stands a number of households which fall under the aMazizi Nation, led by Chief Miya.

In 1990, upon hearing about the democratic elections, the landowner on the farm where we are residing left the farm and returned back to his original home. Soon after this, residence started using the farm for livestock grazing.

Winner 2016
Mr. Sipho Ndlovu, the winner of the 2016 TA story writing competition. Photo: Tom Draper

Continue reading “Winning Story 2016: Hear our plea for land”